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Anna and Maria Sats are young, yet extremely talented artists. They started out on their professional path more than 15 years ago and since then have gone a long way to achieving their goals. These days they run a professional art studio in Europe and work with professional photographers and artists all over the world in countries such as Europe, Canada, and the United States.

In order to become familiar with all the technical aspects of the computer aided process of creating art they obtained Masters Diplomas with distinctions in Computer Sciences. To obtain more knowledge and practical experience in art, photography and design, they entered the Academy of Art in Europe straight after graduation and they then graduated with Bachelor Degrees in Graphical Design. The exceptional education that they obtained now allows them to keep up with the most highly advanced technologies as well as modern tendencies and methods in art and photography.

Anna and Maria Sats travel a great deal in order to gather as many new impressions and ideas as possible and then apply them to the artwork of their clients. This attitude to work and respect for their clients is something that differentiates them from many others.

Should you have any questions or simply want to contact us, please send us a message. Anna and Maria Sats will be pleased to address any your questions and provide you with any information you may need.

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