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Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Art

Art is at all times a process of creativity and expression of the author's thoughts and ideas. Art reflects feelings and emotions and delivers a particular mood to anyone who enjoys the art work.

Art has a long and interesting history, spanning from the ancient pre-historic paintings on the walls of caves to the modern masterpieces of Salvador Dali and Joseph Cornell.

There are, of course, many different sorts of artistic styles and techniques. The most popular of the artistic media are: Pastel, Acrylic and Watercolor.

Pastel is a technique that uses special pastel sticks as an art medium. Pastel sticks or crayons contain the same pigments that are used in oil and other types of painting. Although artwork created using the Pastel technique tends to be very natural and usually provides a great deal of expression, it also requires a lot of care. One popular way of saving pastel art work is by making a copy on the same canvas for everyday use. The modern technical method provides a copy with the same quality as the original artwork, but the general rules of care are much less strict.

Acrylic is a modern sort of paint that has been conceived quite recently - the first commercial acrylic paint was made in 1950, but didn’t become available for wide use until the late 60s. The main advantage of this paint is that it dries very quickly, retaining all its deep and natural color without any defects. Acrylic is usually thinned with water at different proportions - depending on the effects the artist wants to achieve. Acrylic is one of the most popular materials for the modern artists because it is very comfortable to use and has few specialist requirements. Besides simply the technical aspects, acrylic works of art tend to look exactly the same as works of art create in oil, yet they last much longer and are better at keeping the original colors and the general feel of the artwork.

Watercolor or ‘aquarelle’ as it is called in French is probably one of the oldest artistic styles in human history. The first works of art to have been made using this medium can be found in ancient China and Japan. The main principle of this technique is that solid color pigments are dissolved in water to the desired proportions and when the water dries on the paper it retains these color pigments. The trickiest thing in watercolor is that artist must be very confident as once the paint dries there is no way back. This is very different to other artistic mediums such as oil and acrylics. You cannot add another layer of white (or any other background color). This makes t watercolor artwork much more valuable, since in addition to the talent of the artist it also requires a great deal of concentration and an excellent technique to create the a true watercolor masterpiece.

In this section you can find wonderful works of art created by the young, but yet very talented artists - Anna and Maria Sats. Their work is very well-known throughout the world - in countries and continents such as Europe, Israel and the USA.


Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Apple-Tree Garden
7x9" - $80.00
Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Alki Beach
12x12" - $121.00
Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Apples
9x12" - $102.00