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Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Acrylic


Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Acrylic

The Acrylic is fairly new since the material itself only became available in the second half of the 20th century. However, since that time Acrylic has become increasingly popular as it can provide the same look and feel as oil while it has the added advantage that it can be dissolved with water to offer affects similar to those of watercolor. This flexibility makes acrylic very attractive to modern artists.

Anna and Maria Sats use acrylics for the majority of their latest works, since this allows them to achieve very interesting color variations and create truly wonderful works of art that are already very popular in the various countries and continents of Europe and the USA.

These young but already very well-known artists dedicate a large number of their acrylic works of art to marine subjects as well as to the beauty of nature. Their original feeling about different places or subjects regularly attracts the attention of the public.

Different works are made with different techniques using acrylic paint - variating from oil-like paints with deep colors and interesting tone combinations to watercolor-like works of art, using the light and beauty of watercolor techniques.

Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Willow
Max 8x10" - $104.00
Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Red Flowers
Max 16x24" - $99.99
Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Park in Foros
Max 8x10" - $105.00