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Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Watercolor


Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Watercolor

Watercolor is the method of painting where the artist dissolves the solid color pigments in water to achieve the desired color. This type of art is very old, and its roots can be found in ancient Chinese and Japanese artwork and art schools. 

Watercolor was originally popular in Europe during the Middle Ages. There were a lot of Masters who specialized in watercolor techniques, such as Albrecht Dürer, Hans Bol, and during later ages - Thomas Gainsborough, John Robert Cozens, Francis Towne, Michelangelo Rooker, and William Pars. It is only natural that there would be a large number of well-known artists who have worked in this extremely popular technique.

The main reason Anna and Maria Sats chose this technique was the ability to express very gentle emotions, which cannot be expressed using other painting techniques. The other side of this ability is a great challenge and the quite complicate process of creating the artwork - the artist must be very professional and skilled, since once the paint gets on the paper it changes the color a little and also you cannot mask your errors. All this makes the watercolor works of art of those talented artists true masterpieces.

Some of the most popular works of art can be found in the Watercolor gallery of Anna and Maria Sats. The copies of these works of art are available for you to purchase. Please let us know if you wish to purchase the original artwork.

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