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Art & Photo Services

Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Custom Designed Albums
Custom Designed Albums

Our albums are not just a series of photos, they are a complete story designed and mastered uniquely for you. The album is a printed book, containing multiple sides digitally printed on the highest quality paper, specially created for album printing. Each side is a collage created based on the brightest and most interesting photos from the set that you initially give us. The overall composition as well as the design of the album is unique and custom created especially for you. It is possible to choose style from vintage and traditional to modern and young looking. You might want to add some poetry or just warm words that will remind you the wonderful moments contained in the album.

Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Custom Designed Cards
Custom Designed Cards

Whether you want to let your friends know about a certain event – the birth of your baby, holiday or just to thank somebody - for all that you can do much more than just a regular card.

Custom designed cards are a much better way of reaching the same goal. Custom designed cards have special and unique design art that is created specially for you, taking into account all the nuances of the upcoming event. Anna and Maria Sats Studio

has a great understanding of creating custom designed cards for different sorts of events.

Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Photo Session
Photo Session

A Photo Session is not just a pure act of making photos - it is a very complex process requiring the involvement of different skills. As a start, the professional photo session includes: the proper environment, professional lights, and high-quality photography equipment. These are just technical requirements, without which it is not possible to accomplish a professional photo-shoot. Beyond simply technical stuff is the art of photography, which is the hardest skill to learn and requires a lot of practical experience. The appropriate composition of each photo shoot includes the correct placement of the subject of the photo session and all surrounding objects within the photo environment.