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Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Family

Family albums are the ultimate way of keeping your most significant family memories in a very elegant and professional way. Everyone wants to keep the memories and storylines about the ones he or she loves the most. Anna and Maria Sats started working on family albums more that 7 years ago, which now makes them among the most demanded and experienced designers of family albums. 

Each album is a story that opens up its pages as you turn them over. Sides are sometimes accompanied with the poems, citations of important texts or just memorable notes or phrases that are important to remember and to be associated with the particular part of the story which is shown on the particular side. All this makes the family album a really unique form of artwork.

It is our pleasure to help you create the most memorable book in your family or, if you are a professional photographer, we will be glad to help you explore this side of your business or accelerate it to the new level.

Please give us a note when you're ready to start and we will do our best to accommodate your schedules and requirements.

Images by Anna Myers Photography

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