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Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Photo Session

Photo Session

Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Photo Session

A Photo Session is not just a pure act of making photos - it is a very complex process requiring the involvement of different skills. As a start, the professional photo session includes: the proper environment, professional lights, and high-quality photography equipment. These are just technical requirements, without which it is not possible to accomplish a professional photo-shoot. Beyond simply technical stuff is the art of photography, which is the hardest skill to learn and requires a lot of practical experience. The appropriate composition of each photo shoot includes the correct placement of the subject of the photo session and all surrounding objects within the photo environment. There are different sorts of photo sessions performed by Anna and Maria Sats Studio, such as:

Professional Portfolio Sessions - for models who need their professional portfolio. This includes photo models as well as fashion designer's collections.

Children’s Photo Sessions - if you would like to record the unforgettable moments of your child's youth, we will help.

Family Photo Sessions - family photos are a very important part of everyone's life. Therefore it is very important to have you family photos made professionally in order to retain only the best memories.

Digital photo processing is an essential part of any photo session. Even the best photo shoot requires a digital finish to become perfect. Anna and Maria Sats Studio only produces perfect photo sessions, dedicating all knowledge, experience and the most modern technical advances to create the true artwork from each photo session.

Though we are usually booked for several months in advance, we would be glad if you let us know if you require a photo session. We will be glad to provide you with all necessary details as well as the requirements for the photo session.

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