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Q: What do I need to create a wedding album?
A: You just need to send us a message describing what photos you currently have and the style you want your album to be in. We will get back to you and arrange the entire process in close communication with you.
Q: Do you sell the originals of your works of art?
A: No, normally we do not sell the originals. However, the printed copy you will receive is made with 100% duplication, which means they will have the same canvas, the same colors and quality. We stay in touch with the printing lab and control the quality of each print, so we can guarantee that you will receive the print of exactly the same quality as the original. In certain cases, like with pastel works of art it is much handier to have the print copy, since the original pastel is very fragile and requires a lot of care. But if you would like to purchase the original of any work of art, please contact us and we will see if it can be arranged.
Q: Can I request the custom size of the photo I choose?
A: Yes, you absolutely can specify the desired size of each photo work. Normally we can provide you with photo prints of the size at no more than 16x20", but should you require larger please specify that during the checkout process.
Q: When ordering the album work, do I receive the intermediate results, such as PSDs or only the final material?
A: On request we provide all intermediate results. Quite often photographers apply some small last-minute updates, based on the demonstrations to the client. In order to make the process easier for the professional photographer, we provide all necessary details in the PSD files. However, if you do not need that, just the final media will be provided.
Q: Can I just provide you with the source photos and receive the fully printed albums delivered to my door?
A: You bet! That is something we are very happy to do for you. As with the works of art we stay in a close communication with the printing lab and we will give you multiple options and suggestions regarding the paper, general printing options, and so on and we will make sure that the album (or multiple copies if you require them) are delivered directly to your address.
Q: What payment options do you have and is the checkout process secure?
A: Anna and Maria Sats Studio has contracted Plimus Inc. to process all transactions and collect payments. The following payment options are currently available: all major credit cards, wire transfer, PayPal, local bank transfer and a few others. The checkout process is highly secure using all security industry standards. Anna and Maria Sats Studio does not collect any information about our clients nor disclose the information to anyone.