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Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Pastel

Pastel is a very well-known artistic medium. The first appearance of pastel is recorded to have been in France in 1675. Since that time the quality of the medium itself has evolved a great deal as have the associated styles and techniques. 

Works of art which are created using pastel crayons are very delicate and sensitive to smudging. There are several different ways of protecting pastel artwork such as: technically proper mounting, good paper, fixatives and so on. Anna and Maria Sats use every possible way of protecting and preserving saving their original works of art. However, in order to allow other people to enjoy their beautiful pictures they also use copy techniques, which have only became available recently due to evolution of technical tools. So it has now become possible to provide print copies of the original artwork on the same paper, reflecting exactly the same colors, look and feel as the original artwork, without the difficulty to try to maintain the original state of the artwork. This pastal revolution is very popular among artists and collectors.

Pastel work is very popular in Europe. There are multiple pastel societies - primarily in the UK. The artworks of European artists of the past has greatly influenced Anna and Maria and found the reflection in their artwork. A lot of their artwork is dedicated to nature as well as to still life. Some of the works of art (copies) are available for purchase in this section. Should you want to buy the original artwork, please feel free to contact us through the feedback form.

Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Alki Beach
12x12" - $121.00
Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Before Rain
12x16" - $128.00
Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Canadian Forest
16x20" - $85.00