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Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Photography

Photography first appeared in 1826 when French inventor Nicéphore Niépce created the first photograph in human history. Since then photography has become one of the most popular ways of recording beautiful moments. Along with drawing, photography is divided into different schools, styles and techniques. The great boost to photography was made at the end of the last century with the invention of digital photography and general exploding technical evolution. Now, almost everyone has a digital photo camera and several gigabytes of images on their home computer.

However, as with paintings, where almost everyone who has hands can paint something, photography is an art form. And not every photographic shot can be called a work of art. Professional photography requires a lot of learning, excellent practical skills and of course talent. In their own studio in Europe Anna and Maria Sats had great opportunity to apply their talent to this artistic domain. During their years in the Academy of Art they produced a great deal of really wonderful photos that are still acknowledged in various places around the world. You can find photos made in different techniques, using numerous technical abilities - besides the great sense of composition and ability to catch the moment.

There are several different types of photo work that were done by Anna and Maria Sats, among them: cityscape, florals, and nature. All those categories contain truly amazing photos that often stir the imagination. All the photos shown in this category are available for purchase with different options such as framing, matting, and so on. We will help you to choose the best frame and matt if you do not have your own preferences.

As photography as an art form evolves, the more technical abilities are transcending the media and helping photographer to enhance the images by adding something that is not possible to do on stage. One of the most wonderful things is the ability to digitally process the image. Such processing is usually done by means of specialized professional digital imaging software. Software differs a lot in terms of complexity and available features. As with everything else, almost everyone can do simple things with this software, but only professionals can use the full power of those tools.

Being on the edge of the technical evolution, Anna and Maria Sats use every possible tool to reach the peak of perfectionism in art and photography. During the years of working in the area of professional photography they have learned all modern software packages and related tools thoroughly in order to bring truly ideal photos to their clients. The current section contains the most famous photographs, digitally enhanced to give an additional dimension to this wonderful way of art.

Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Au-Dag
Max 16x20" - $120.80
Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Spring
Max 15x15" - $79.99
Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Clouds above Sea
Max 16x20" - $120.46