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Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Cityscape


Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Cityscape

Cityscape as the style in art appears almost at the same time as the cities appear. Of course, in photography cityscapes have become extremely popular from the very beginning of the history of photography. Almost every city has a corner which worthy of capturing on film and displayed as a photograph. Sometimes the talent of photographer uncovers truly beautiful things in what we usually perceive as very ordinary cities. This is what differentiates professional photography from armature photography.

Anna and Maria Sats mostly concentrated on the popular cities from different countries to show the unique beauty and personality of each city and of every country. The series is very interesting to look at along with the paintings made in the same place or in the same country. One can notice that both art and photography express very strong feelings and emotions but in a different way, which makes them complementary to each other.

Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Old Praga
Max 10x12" - $59.99
Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Cactle
Max 11x14" - $99.99
Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Au-Dag
Max 16x20" - $120.80