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Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Nature


Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Nature

Nature plays an important role in people's lives. And of course it has become one of the most popular subjects of photographers all over the world. It is almost impossible to list all the themes used by photographers when they create photos of nature. Different photographers in different countries keep making amazing shots of their natural surroundings and we may notice that they do not repeat each other, even though this subject is the most widely used.

Nature is always depicted differently in the photographs of Anna and Maria Sats. Because of their great talent they have been able to show every little aspect, every piece of emotion related to the particular act of nature. Of course, the sea is the popular subject, since, as nature as a whole, the sea always brings different feelings and emotions. These strong emotions and expressions are expressed in each and every photograph created by Anna and Maria Sats.

Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Fog
Max 10x14" - $79.99
Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Sun and Clouds
Max 11x14" - $79.99
Anna & Maria Sats Studio - Seagull and Ocean
Max 12x12" - $99.99