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Despite the fact that Studio of Anna and Maria Sats mostly works with the professional photographers on the long-term basis, we understand the importance for private customers in having the high quality albums. Due to that, we will be ready to help you with your album.

Custom Designed Albums

Photo album is a book made in the hard cover, on the special high quality paper. We use US-based printing facilities, since only with our partner lab we are able to reach the best quality. In order to explore the examples of our albums, please feel free to visit corresponding sections of our site:

The price for the album is determined by the amount of sides (each side contains two pages) and the dimensions of the album. Average album contains 10 sides, with each side 10x20" in size. Each side has the unique design, created especially for the current album, and following the general style of the album. When printing, we offer some options like type of paper, leather cover, etc.

We include in price automatically the following set of features: custom design; high quality retouching of each photo, placed in the album; color balancing and correction; composition balancing of each side; print preparation; printing and quality control.

Below you can find the prices for the albums (delivery to your door included)(1):

Base services
Up to 20 pages (10 sides) (2) $550
From 20 to 34 pages $841
From 36 to 50 pages $1152

Additional services
  Photo cover Hinged Paper 10x10" 12х12/11x14"
Up to 20 pages $8 $20 $26 $40
From 20 to 34 pages $8 $28 $39 $58
From 36 to 50 pages $8 $42 $58 $68

(1) - we deliver worldwide using the priority mail. Delivery is done right to your door. Shipping is free of charge; (2) - base page size is 8x8" / 8,5x11"

All you need to do is upload your photos to our FTP server. Our representative will get in touch with you by e-mail to discuss the desired style of the album and supplementary details. As soon as the album is done, we will send you the proofs in the form of JPG files so you can take a look at the complete album and give your last-minute feedback. At this point, we require you to pay 60% from album cost. As soon as we receive your payment we send the album to the printing lab and it will be delivered to you within 5-10 business days.

Important: we care a lot about the quality of our work. To make a good album there is need in the photos of a high quality. The quality is determined not only by the technical aspects of the file (resolution, etc.) but also by its artistic value. Due to that, before we agree to create the album we need to examine the photos you have. In case it is not possible to provide the high quality of the album with the given photo files we will have to reject the order.

Ordering the album

In order to get started, or just get some additional details on how to create the album, please contact us or shoot us an e-mail: